Keys to catering Success

Keys to Exceptional Wedding Catering


Experience is the best teacher

Choose a caterer with a proven track record. Caterers may be able to talk the talk – but have they walked the walk! Ask questions of your caterer about their experience. Ask for recent references of clients who have had catering similar to what you are looking for.

Generous quantities of well presented quality food

The importance of the food at a wedding cannot be understated. Everyone talks about the food. Superb food at a wedding creates a wonderful atmosphere and long lasting memories.

Attentive professional staff – correct staffing levels

Just as important as good food, having the right number of qualified well briefed staff to do the job is critical. There can be great food in the kitchen but if there are not enough staff guests are left waiting, hungry, and uncared for.


Well organised, attention to detail, good leadership

Many people talk about having a relaxed casual atmosphere. This is achieved through good planning and organization. Minimalist staff cannot accomplish a layback vibe, no matter what you’ve been told! A well run function brings peace, removes stress, and lays the foundation for happy times.

Fair + realistic pricing – you can’t have fillet steak on a meatball budget

Before setting a budget do some research, have a look at what’s out there in reference to the type of catering you are looking for. This will help you get a realistic idea of costs. Your wedding day is of high importance. It is worth spending a little bit more to have that extra waiter or choose an additional canapé!

May you have a wedding day to remember!

Roger Osborne
Icon Event Catering